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Clearshot Archery

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Company: Clearshot ArcheryIndustry: Hunting EquipmentHeadquartered: Bend, Oregon

Website: http://www.clearshotarchery.com


Without shooting a bow, you’d never know this product exists. In fact, many who have shot a bow, still aren’t sure what this small circular object is. It might be one of the most major influencers in your accuracy. Still not sure what it is? We’re talking about the peep sight. Not any ordinary peep sights; these are strategically colored peep sights to maximize your performance.

When I met with Karl, founder of Clearshot Archery, he immediately had me test a few of the peep sights out. At first, I didn’t think it would really make a huge difference. However, once I put my eyes on the target, I was sold. I’ve never had a noticeable sign of colorblindness, until that day. Looking through the green customized peep hole, I struggled picking up the target immediate. After trying several other colors, I finally found the color that works best with my vision. Of course, that color was pink. The effect it had was night and day. Continue reading, and you’ll see how Karl came up with this product, essentially solving his problems while picking up some big bucks along the way.

What’s the story behind Clear Shot?

CS: Clearshot was born out of a hunting mishap.  It was in 2006 on Thanksgiving when my Dad and I went out hunting.  Long story short we had a monster 6×6 or 12 point come within 20ish yards and neither of us could shoot and we still had an hour before sundown.  When it came time we just couldn’t find the peep sight and it blended in because we are both colorblind.

I knew a solution had to be available.  I started looking and buying all kinds of peeps, colored and traditional black.  In the end nothing worked that was available.

I started testing out different ideas and seeing what we could both see and use in the field.  No one peep that we came up with worked for both of us.  After looking at different research I knew I had to offer a few solutions.  The 2 Tone peep was born.


What are the key features that really set your product apart from the rest?

CS: The key is the two contrasting colors with the bevel in the peep.  The bevel helps create the illusion that it’s brighter than it really is.  The bevel also funnels the light into your eye, and make the aperture look larger than it is.  The 2tone are designed to improve low light shooting, accuracy, distance, faster sight recognition, and to work with most shooters that are color impaired.  The ability to change out aperture size or color of insert in the field with the IA makes that peep extremely versatile for both the target shooter and hunter. The IA can be purchased in a 2 pack, 4 pack and now the 5 pack.

In our field points it’s the rifling of the point.  The patented bullet point is based off a proven use in the modern gun. The riffling adds stability and starts the rotation of the arrow just like that of a bullet out of your modern fire arm.

Last, all of our products are 100% made in the USA.  The exception is our broadhead which we are working on bring 100% to the USA.

How many different sizes do you have available, and what are the reasons/strengths for each different size?

CS: We offer a lot of different size in our product.  The FA is our most limited with only the 7/32, 3/16 and 1/8.  The reason we offer the IA in so many sizes is because it’s a product that crosses over from target to hunting.  Our speed peep has the most sizes with 7/32, 3/16, 9/64, 1/8, 7/64, 5/64 and 3/64.  The wt of the peep and size work well with targets and hunters but have a low cost $9.99.  We have found that the smaller sizes for both the IA and the Speed Peep work good with scopes up to 8 powers for a lot of users.


Which pros do you have using your product?

CS: We have a lot of pros that are currently shooting our product.  Some are now sponsored and others just shooting it.  Below is a list.

1)      Drop Zone – Greg Zipadelli and Hal Shaffer (Outdoor Channel)
2)      Team Spartan – Sportsman Channel
3)      Huntline TV – Pursuit Channel
4)      Into the Wild – Jason Peterson, on the Pursuit and Wild TV
5)      Canadian Whitetail – Dean Partridge, on the Pursuit and Wild TV
6)      Vital Obsession TV – Pursuit Channel
7)      MOR Outdoors – On Next Level – Pursuit Channel
8)      World Went Dark Outdoors – Jason Keffer, Pursuit Channel
9)      FMP Bowcast
10)     Real South Hunting – The Search on the Pursuit Channel
11)     Open Season TV – Pursuit Channel
12)     Nockon TV – John Dudley Sportsman Channel
13)     White Tail Pro Series – AWA Pro Ryan Woollard and Brian Howell on the Pursuit Channel
14)     Josh Carney – Son of the South
15)     Clint Casper – Team 200” TV on the Pursuit Channel, Mathews, Spot Hogg, Woodhaven game calls as well
16)     Cody Draper – Canadian MBO Champion
17)     Ryan Farrens – 7 year Bowtech Pro
18)     Bryce Seidell – Youth Target Pro, top 5 for Texas shootout, Michigan State University Fall Classic
19)     Josh Flores – Multiyear Hoyt Shooter
20)     Jaxsen Wells- Australia Youth Target Pro 2nd place State, 3D and IFAA for 2014
21)     Kristin Huber – Youth Target Pro and United State Archery Compound Junior Dream Team member
22)     Martin Kanstrup Nielsen – Copenhagen youth target pro – 2nd in Danish Nationals, Regional in and outdoor as well as junior Indoor.
23)     Jim and Eva Shockey
24)     Bone Squad Outdoor
25)     2 Girls Hunting
26)     Boneyard Brother Hood
27)     Kenny Davis – Winchester Whitetail Frenzy
28)     Cory Robbins – Live 2 Hunt
29)     Clot Ford – Country Music
30)     Craig Morgan – Country Music
31)     Mike Hunsucker and Shawn Luchtel – Heartland Bowhunter
32)     Many more are shooting it as well.


What’s the craziest story/testimony you’ve gotten from anyone using your product? 


CS: We had a shooter contact us regarding our peep because he has a blinding cataract.  The Dr. said he would have to stop shooting because it’s made him legally blind.  He was currently shooting with a clarifier but said it wasn’t helping him at all.  I drove to meet him at his home town retailer.  We played around with color and size.  He finally settled on the IA gold in a 5/64.  In his next shoot he scored a 298 out of 300.  He is still shooting tournaments and placing.

What are your future plans for 2015 and beyond? 

CS: I think 2015 is going to be a big year for Clearshot.  We are launching some new product in archery and getting ready to launch our AR-15 Kit and shotgun sight.



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