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Review From A Clearshot Customer

Hi Karl, I just wanted to follow up with you and share my thoughts
after using the peeps for a couple weeks.

First off I have to explain my unique situation. Oddly enough I am
right handed but left eye dominant. To confuse the situation I also
shoot with both eyes open. This is somewhat strange for most people in
my situation but it works really well for me. I wanted to let you know
this because it affects how I see and focus on objects that are closer
and far away. That being said I wanted to share my experience I had
using the IA and Speed Peep.

I started by shooting the IA peep. Quality and finish of the peep is
great. I think the idea of being able to change the apertures was
pretty cool. Since I have two bows I was able to compare my standard
peep to the IA peep side by side. After looking through the IA peep I
immediately noticed things were much brighter and a little clearer
down range. I had to compare the holes because I thought the IA peep
had to have larger opening but in fact the shape of my old matte black
peep just made it that much darker. I was glad I was able to do a side
by side comparison because it really could see the difference. Here is
where I started to have trouble. Again because I am shooting right
handed but left eye dominant my eyes are constantly battling each
other to focus on things that are very close and far away. This
caused the color aperture to create a large hazy ring when I began
focusing on my target. This is something I normally deal with but I
think it was made worse because of the shinier finish and brighter
color of the peep. It began to be kind of hard for my eyes to focus on
my target because they were constantly trying to bring the peep into
focus as well. Again the peep does everything you say it does, it
just didn’t work for my situation. I actually installed this peep
for my wife (who actually has normal eyes haha) and she absolutely
loves it! We again were able to compare side by side with her bows and
she came to the same conclusion I did on her own. Much brighter and

So after trying the IA, I installed the Speed Peep. I was hoping that
the finish on the Speed Peep would help with the problem I had on the
IA, and it did! The green softer finish is perfect for my eyes. Doing
the side by side comparison the Speed Peep was still brighter than my
standard peep but obviously not as bright as the IA. Sight recognition
is much easier with this peep over the standard peep as well. I have

been shooting this peep for about 2 weeks and I love it.

Thank you again. I plan on doing a write up on my website as well as
some review posts on my Instagram. I will probably contact you in the
future when I begin setting up my target bow for 3D competition next
year. I plan on running a single pin sight with a magnifier so I will
probably be looking at the speed peep again.

IG: the_archeryaddict

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