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A New Twist On Field Tips

Spring is typically the time our team likes to test new bow setups and experiment with new things since by the time the big game seasons in the fall open, the thought of even the slightest change to our setups is unheard of. Learning from each other is one of the redeeming qualities of “the offseason,” and one of the new products we’ve been playing around with is the new innovative Bullet Field tip from Clearshot Archery

The zinc plated tips possess a distinct rifling meant to mirror the aerodynamic design of bullets, which Clearshot Archery claims to create an earlier faster spin. In our tests, this has meant tighter groups a slight increase in arrow speed and a heck of a lot more fun shooting. And, because they are zinc plated, we’ve found that the tips have been resistant to the wear and tear typical with blued tips. They are also 100% machined in the USA and come in 85g, 100g and 125g. For more information, visit ClearshotArchery.com. If you decide to give them a shot, let us know how they work out for you on Facebook or by commenting below.


Tight Lines and Big Tines!

Khoa Le

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