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Military Hunting and Fishing – Peep Sight Review

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Clearshot Archery Peep Sight Review

clearshot archeryCompound bows haven’t change a lot since 1966 when Holless Wilbur Allen invented the first one out of a role of sheet metal and parts from and old camera, until ClearShot Archery came along. The Compound have what is called a peep sight: a small donut-shaped plastic ring, located in the string (near where you nock the arrow). At full draw, you look through the hole at sighting pins on the bow itself. You set the pins at different heights for different ranges (20, 30, and 40 yards). Thus, the peep sight helps with both centering and distance.

Although using sites has been around since 1937 when First use of bow-sights were used in an archery competition, the peep sigh has drastically added precision of shot to a properly tuned bow.

How Peeps Workclearshot archery

Peep sights work on a very simple principle. The peep sight just like a pin hole in an index card acts like a magnifying glass, helping your eye focus on the pins of your site by limiting the amount of light rays that reach your eye. You can test this by making a circle with your thumb and index figure then looking at a distant object or small text.

ClearShot Archery Science

Although this does have its restrictions, by letting less light rays reach your eye you are trading off brightness of the object. Using Color Theory ClearShot Archery is trying to counteract this effect that the peep sight causes on your eye. By Offering interchangeable peep sight is the 500nm color wavelength range this tricks the eye into seeing your magnified image into a brighter light. Thus that deer that you are aiming at can now be seen more clearly.

Now on to the ClearShot Archery Peep Sight review

20150521_184940Not being close to a good bow shop, and enjoying doing my own maintenance on my weapons I decided to order in some Nylon Serving Thread from Amazon for a little under $5, a string splitter made by Bohning, and a Carbon Express 58004 String-Loop Nocking Pliers  all in all about $30 in great gear that ill have a review on soon. After waiting for what felt like eternity that was really only 3 days, I received my  new tools and it was time to get to work.

Removing the existing Serving thread from my bow string was an easy process with the aid of some medical scissors that i keep with my hunting gear for last minute repairs. With some quick work of the fingers unwinding the serving string, my peep was now free from the death grip.

Original Problems

Ever since my old peep was installed it had started to twist to the left. Now having the strings free I could remove a strand from the right to balance out the peep in the proper position. Placing the string splitter between the strings and marking the old  peep sights position before removal saved a ton of fine tuning to get on target later.

Before installing the new peep I had some decisions to make. ClearShot provided me with a variety of choices sending me a Gold, Pink, Green and Purple insert for the two toned interchangeable archery peep sight. I decided to start off with the Pink, Knowing that if i didn’t like it i could always use the allen wrench to change the insert later. Having the ability to swap out peeps with just an allen wrench is a huge bonus to the average archery fanatic. Having specific colors that aide in low light, bright light and target shooting environments, expands the usefulness of your bow drastically.

Color Guide:clearshot archery

Gold – Shooters that are full, mostly or red/green colorblind can see the gold insert of the IA and FA peep. The 2 Tone gives them a black with a light shading to focus and look through. This allows the shooter to focus on the pin and target instead of having to have eye strain finding the peep.

Pink – Pink works for shooters that are shade colorblind. The pink stands out and gives me a color that I can see though, unlike with gold which blends into the back ground. This allows the shooter to focus on the pin and target instead of having to have eye strain finding the peep.

Green – Green is an all-around good color for most. It’s not too bright and still gives the shooter a low light advantage. It has been and continues to be the color of choice.

Purple – is a good color when dealing with extreme bright light. The darker color absorb some of the light but still allows in enough to allow the shooter a good sight picture.

Taking The Shot

20150521_184817Although i am not color blind, I wanted to test the distant features of each peep against each other. The pink peep was clearly visible and made for quick sighting in on my target. With less time messing with pin alignment partially due to the way I installed the peep and the clear visibility of my pins, it was the fastest sight in to date. The Dual Anodized Color allowed for easy sigh recognition and put me on target quicker.

Taking a few seconds after clearing my quiver of arrows I switched and tested each peep sight wit the same results. As the sun started to set i knew that this is my chance to test the green peep insert. The green anodized color is for low light situations. I have always struggled for clarity in low light settings often forcing me to give up on taking a shot that would bring home some meat at the end of a long hunt. My fading eye sight and the lack of light always cause a struggle.

The green peep helped capture some of that light that i have been missing over the years. This little bit of added light on the inside of the peep helped with the Pinhole affect allowing easier light recognition. All in all this is the best improvement to my bow that I have had the chance to make. If you are looking for a way to increase your efficiency, or just looking for that perfect peep The ClearShot Archery Peep is for you!

Brief History of Major Bow Changes throughout History

1934-Year of the first Bow hunting season in the United States, held in the state of Wisconsin.
1937-First use of bow-sights in archery competition.
1939-James Easton experiments with making arrow shafts out of aluminum, rather than wood.
1941-Larry Hughes uses aluminum arrows to win the American National (archery) Championship.
1942-Hoyt Archery co. founded by Earl Hoyt, Jr.
1946-Easton produces it’s first trademarked aluminum arrows, the “24 SRT-X”.
1951-Max Hamilton introduces “Plastiflech” vanes to replace feathers.
1953-Bear Archery develops and sells the first working recurve bows. Previous bows were straight-limbed longbows.
1956-Hoyt Archery develops the first “Pistol grip” bow handle.
1958-Easton develops the “XX75″ aluminum arrow shaft.
1961-Hoyt Archery introduces the “Torque stabilizer”.
1966-Easton develops the “X7″ aluminum arrow shaft.
1969-Holless Wilber Allen is granted a patent on his invention of the Compound Bow which he designed 3 or 4 years earlier. His original wheels were triangular in shape.
1970-Compound bows and release aids make their national debut in U.S. national archery competition.
1971-Andy Rimo develops the “flipper” rest. Pete Shepley starts PSE archery company. Flex Fletch manufactures it’s first soft plastic arrow vanes.
1974-Freddie Troncoso invents the first dual-prong arrow rest.
1982-Cam wheels on compound bows first appear. Previous wheels where perfectly round.
1983-Easton develops the first carbon arrow shaft.
1992-The Olympic torch, in Barcellona, Spain is ignited using a flaming arrow shot by Antonio Rebollo of the Spanish Olympic Team. Matt McPherson founds Matthews Archery Co., manufacturing bows with single-cam technology.
1995-The Compound Bow is included in the World Target Archery Championship competition for the first time.
2013- Clearshot Archery introduces the Clearshot interchangeable Peep Sight.

The ClearShot Archery Peep Sight has earned the coveted MHAF Seal Of approval. You can not go wrong when buying a ClearShot Peep Sight. MHAF Approved

Clearshot Archery Peep Sight Review

12 Reasons Why Your Venison Tastes Like Hell

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Is your deer meat tough, dry and gamey-tasting? It shouldn’t be. Check out this list of 12 deer-butchering sins to find out why your venison tastes bad — and how to make it better.

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Review From A Clearshot Customer

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Hi Karl, I just wanted to follow up with you and share my thoughts
after using the peeps for a couple weeks.

First off I have to explain my unique situation. Oddly enough I am
right handed but left eye dominant. To confuse the situation I also
shoot with both eyes open. This is somewhat strange for most people in
my situation but it works really well for me. I wanted to let you know
this because it affects how I see and focus on objects that are closer
and far away. That being said I wanted to share my experience I had
using the IA and Speed Peep.

I started by shooting the IA peep. Quality and finish of the peep is
great. I think the idea of being able to change the apertures was
pretty cool. Since I have two bows I was able to compare my standard
peep to the IA peep side by side. After looking through the IA peep I
immediately noticed things were much brighter and a little clearer
down range. I had to compare the holes because I thought the IA peep
had to have larger opening but in fact the shape of my old matte black
peep just made it that much darker. I was glad I was able to do a side
by side comparison because it really could see the difference. Here is
where I started to have trouble. Again because I am shooting right
handed but left eye dominant my eyes are constantly battling each
other to focus on things that are very close and far away. This
caused the color aperture to create a large hazy ring when I began
focusing on my target. This is something I normally deal with but I
think it was made worse because of the shinier finish and brighter
color of the peep. It began to be kind of hard for my eyes to focus on
my target because they were constantly trying to bring the peep into
focus as well. Again the peep does everything you say it does, it
just didn’t work for my situation. I actually installed this peep
for my wife (who actually has normal eyes haha) and she absolutely
loves it! We again were able to compare side by side with her bows and
she came to the same conclusion I did on her own. Much brighter and

So after trying the IA, I installed the Speed Peep. I was hoping that
the finish on the Speed Peep would help with the problem I had on the
IA, and it did! The green softer finish is perfect for my eyes. Doing
the side by side comparison the Speed Peep was still brighter than my
standard peep but obviously not as bright as the IA. Sight recognition
is much easier with this peep over the standard peep as well. I have

been shooting this peep for about 2 weeks and I love it.

Thank you again. I plan on doing a write up on my website as well as
some review posts on my Instagram. I will probably contact you in the
future when I begin setting up my target bow for 3D competition next
year. I plan on running a single pin sight with a magnifier so I will
probably be looking at the speed peep again.

IG: the_archeryaddict

VITAL OBSESSION TV – Pro Staffer, Donnie Hughes

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If your passion is Bow Hunting, and 3D Archery Shoots then you love looking at new products and reading about the latest gear, equipment, and gadgets new on the market for the upcoming season. Now, that doesn’t mean you always want to use them. We each have found a particular brands, or products that worked, and since we are “creatures of habit” we have stuck with them. That can sometimes lead to us not taking a chance on a new “Brand” or “Product” due to the fact that, it’s new and has a higher risk of “failing in the field”. When in reality, any given product has that same chance. I recently had the opportunity to receive 2 products which are essential to Archery (Bow Hunting and 3D Shoots).

The product review of “CLEAR SHOT 2Tone IA Peep”


I used the “Trio String Peep” for a long time ( ), until I switched to the “G5” peep ().

A 2 String Style which (in my opinion) that had better functionality (especially in lower light situations). I was recently introduced to “CLEARSHOT ARCHERY” and their products. The 1st thing I did was research them. I always read as much as I can find on a Company and their products. I was impressed with the information, and random opinions I came across. I picked out the color I wanted, and placed my order.

When I received my order I took it out of the package, and looked it over. The actual product was just as it was described. The CNC-machined aluminum construction was top notch. The Green insert, and the Black outer section of the Peep were both perfect. The Outer section weight is 9 grains, and the Inner section (medium, 3/16th) is 4 grains, and they fit together seamlessly. I had it installed along with my new “Twisted X Bow String” and it looked great. Now it was time to shoot my Bow with it installed, and put it to the test. After my 1st shot I was very impressed. The “2tone” idea was brilliant. It allows me to achieve a clear and faster focus on my pins and my target. I was able to see with a better level of clarity, and into the evening a lot longer than I had with my other Peep Sights.

The description section on the “CLEARSHOT ARCHERY” website says, “The 2Tone IA Peep provides improved sight in low light situations and eases changing the aperture and funneling of the light to the shooter”, and they could not have been more accurate.

Overall, I have to say that it was a great decision to try the “2Tone IA Peep”. I am glad to have made the switch to “CLEARSHOT ARCHERY”, and they have a new customer that is 100% satisfied. If you have any issues with low light shooting then trying out this Peep is a must. If “Low Light” situations are not a problem for you, but you want to improve, then I would recommend stepping out of your comfort zone, and giving CLEARSHOT ARCHERY PRODUCTS a chance. The IA Peep will improve your groups, confidence in low light shots, and your overall Archery experience.

A New Twist On Field Tips

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Spring is typically the time our team likes to test new bow setups and experiment with new things since by the time the big game seasons in the fall open, the thought of even the slightest change to our setups is unheard of. Learning from each other is one of the redeeming qualities of “the offseason,” and one of the new products we’ve been playing around with is the new innovative Bullet Field tip from Clearshot Archery

The zinc plated tips possess a distinct rifling meant to mirror the aerodynamic design of bullets, which Clearshot Archery claims to create an earlier faster spin. In our tests, this has meant tighter groups a slight increase in arrow speed and a heck of a lot more fun shooting. And, because they are zinc plated, we’ve found that the tips have been resistant to the wear and tear typical with blued tips. They are also 100% machined in the USA and come in 85g, 100g and 125g. For more information, visit ClearshotArchery.com. If you decide to give them a shot, let us know how they work out for you on Facebook or by commenting below.


Tight Lines and Big Tines!

Khoa Le

Seeing Is Believing, Why Your Peep Sight Is Important

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The peep sight is probably one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment for most bowhunters. Most guys probably couldn’t tell you what kind of peep they have, which is interesting, considering anyone using a peep requires it every time they take a shot.

Your peep sight is something that should not be taken for granted, especially when you set your pins on that trophy animal you’ve dreamt about for so long.

Here enters the Clearshot Archery 2 Tone Peep Sight. This innovative piece of equipment comes in multiple color options including, pink, green, gold, and purple, surrounded by a black housing. The bright color options assist your eye with easier and quicker sight recognition, perfect for those low light conditions when animals are most active. Those who struggle with color impairment, this sight should help combat that struggle due to darker colored peep sights.

I’ve had great success and improvement with my Clearshot Peep in recent weeks, improving my 3D league scores on average of 10 points a week since tying one into my string.

The lightweight aluminum machined peeps are available in sizes of, 7/32″, 3/16″, and 1/8″ apertures. Finding the right aperture that fits your sight picture is of the utmost importance, Clearshot offers enough options to suite almost any archer.

If you’d like to learn more about Clearshot products, including their American made peep sights, visit www.clearshotarchery.com.

-Jacob Williams

Instagram: jacob_outdoors

Twitter: @jacob_outdoors


The Importance of a Good Peep Sight

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The peep sight is a bowhunter’s rear sight and is something that should not be taken for granted, especially when you’ve got your pin on an animal you’ve waited a lifetime to harvest. That animal for me this year was a javelina and I put my trust into Clearshot Archery’s 2Tone PEEP.

The innovative peep sight comes in a variety of colors including gold, green, purple and pink within a black housing. The bright colors provide for easier sight recognition, especially in low-light conditions which is when most of the game I hunt are most active. For those who are color-impaired, this peep sight is definitely for you. I’ve been able to shoot tighter groups in the backyard, but how did it perform in the field? Two of us went out with Clearshot Archery peeps and both of us tagged out for the year that evening before sunset with the longest shot registering at 50 yards. The results, and the delicious javelina fajitas, speak for themselves.

Tight Lines and Big Tines!

David Frisbie

David Frisbie is a Tight Lines and Big Tines! Pro Staffer and professional guide at Frisbie Outdoors.

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