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VITAL OBSESSION TV – Pro Staffer, Donnie Hughes

If your passion is Bow Hunting, and 3D Archery Shoots then you love looking at new products and reading about the latest gear, equipment, and gadgets new on the market for the upcoming season. Now, that doesn’t mean you always want to use them. We each have found a particular brands, or products that worked, and since we are “creatures of habit” we have stuck with them. That can sometimes lead to us not taking a chance on a new “Brand” or “Product” due to the fact that, it’s new and has a higher risk of “failing in the field”. When in reality, any given product has that same chance. I recently had the opportunity to receive 2 products which are essential to Archery (Bow Hunting and 3D Shoots).

The product review of “CLEAR SHOT 2Tone IA Peep”


I used the “Trio String Peep” for a long time ( ), until I switched to the “G5” peep ().

A 2 String Style which (in my opinion) that had better functionality (especially in lower light situations). I was recently introduced to “CLEARSHOT ARCHERY” and their products. The 1st thing I did was research them. I always read as much as I can find on a Company and their products. I was impressed with the information, and random opinions I came across. I picked out the color I wanted, and placed my order.

When I received my order I took it out of the package, and looked it over. The actual product was just as it was described. The CNC-machined aluminum construction was top notch. The Green insert, and the Black outer section of the Peep were both perfect. The Outer section weight is 9 grains, and the Inner section (medium, 3/16th) is 4 grains, and they fit together seamlessly. I had it installed along with my new “Twisted X Bow String” and it looked great. Now it was time to shoot my Bow with it installed, and put it to the test. After my 1st shot I was very impressed. The “2tone” idea was brilliant. It allows me to achieve a clear and faster focus on my pins and my target. I was able to see with a better level of clarity, and into the evening a lot longer than I had with my other Peep Sights.

The description section on the “CLEARSHOT ARCHERY” website says, “The 2Tone IA Peep provides improved sight in low light situations and eases changing the aperture and funneling of the light to the shooter”, and they could not have been more accurate.

Overall, I have to say that it was a great decision to try the “2Tone IA Peep”. I am glad to have made the switch to “CLEARSHOT ARCHERY”, and they have a new customer that is 100% satisfied. If you have any issues with low light shooting then trying out this Peep is a must. If “Low Light” situations are not a problem for you, but you want to improve, then I would recommend stepping out of your comfort zone, and giving CLEARSHOT ARCHERY PRODUCTS a chance. The IA Peep will improve your groups, confidence in low light shots, and your overall Archery experience.

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